Over the years, Ecopak has developed an extensive global network of suppliers. This network will be leveraged by our team of supply experts to find the best suppliers for your parts needs.

Ecopak can select, qualify, negotiate, and track the suppliers for your supply chain. In addition, Ecopak takes care of the delivery of your parts in accordance with your quality standards at the desired time and frequency.

The Ecopak approach will let you reduce your number of suppliers while dealing with a team of professionals in North America.



Ecopak can create parts assemblies, from the simplest to the most complex. Ecopak’s engineering team will develop customized tools to ensure consistent quality at a competitive price.

Safe product assembly 

Our team is able to perform a complete analysis and implement controls to ensure the quality of the product.

Electrical assemblies

Our team will develop test benches that will allow us to test the product 100%.

Assembly projects for the railway sector

We work in a normative environment where quality control and documentary follow-up are essentials.

Large and complex assemblies

Our handling assistance equipment allows us to create large assemblies in a safe environment for your employees.

High-volume assemblies 

Our industrial engineering team is able to design and optimize a dedicated assembly line, which is necessary in an environment where every second counts.



Ecopak has developed expertise in the packaging process to advise you and carry out parts packaging.

All your constraints—such as your budget, your deadlines, safety, and transport—will be taken into account. This lets you obtain the best packaging parameters to optimize your costs.

Packaging categories

  • Skin packing (skin wrapping)
  • Bagging
  • Kitting
  • Shrink wrapping  
  • Packaging and barcode identification
  • Blister packs



Need inspectors or qualified technicians for the inspection or repair of your products? Ecopak will provide you with a qualified and specialized workforce according to your needs that is supported by an in-house engineering team.

The experience and attention to detail of our inspectors make us the envy of the competition. In addition to having training in metrology, they have the necessary experience to be able to carry out the inspection with aesthetic criteria.

Inspection templates can be manufactured, and customized quality reports are provided.



Our high planning and organizational abilities are undeniable assets when it comes to managing a large number of hardware inputs and outputs.

Well-defined processes supported by systems perfectly tailored to the operations are essential elements. From reception to shipping, everything is thought out and organized to ensure the delivery of your products within the desired time frames.

We offer modular solutions that specifically meet your needs.